Exhibitor Floor Opens — Opening Remarks / Hemp Data

by Jenny Dressler, Oregon Farm Bureau / Beau Whitney, Frontier Data

10:00 am

Oregon Cannabis Law Q & A

by Leland Berger, Attorney and Pioneer Pete, Omnibudsman

10:30 am

CBD Health

by Sanjeev Sharma, MD

11:00 am

Horticultural Science

by Todd Dalotto, CanResearch

11:30 am

Banking & Cannabis

by Will Patterson, Attorney at Harris Bricken

12:00 noon

True Terpenes

by Ben Cassiday, True Terpenes

12:30 pm

USDA Organic Attorney

by Chris Van Hook, Clean Green Certified

1:00 pm

American Cannabinoid Clinics

by Dr. Janice Knox

1:30 pm

Hemp Law

by Courtney Moran, EARTH Law and Jay Noller, Oregon State University Hemp Research & Development

2:00 pm

Cannabis Genetics

by Nishan Karassik, Phylos Bioscience

2:30 pm

Building Hemp Homes

by Pamela Bosch, Highland Hemp House

3:00 pm

Cannabis in the Eyes of the Public

by Rachel Kurtz, National Cannabis Industry Association

3:30 pm

Organic Growth / Hemp Fashion Show

by Tim McCormick, Cultured Biologix / Cannaflage Designs (4:20)

4:00 pm

National Cannabis Advocate Q&A

by Anthony Taylor, Compassionate ORegon

4:30 pm

Health & Healing

by Megan Schwarting, Kush Creams

5:00 pm

Cannabis Law Q&A

by Paul Loney, Attorney

5:30 pm

Labs Q & A

by Roshawn Reordan, Green Leaf Lab

6:00 pm

Opiate Addiction & CBD

by David A. Dawson

6:30 pm

Closing Remarks

by Jerry Norton, American Hemp Seed Genetics

6:55 pm
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