Karen Sprague

Karen Sprague

Karen Sprague

Karen Sprague Essentials


Karen Sprague is a holistic health care practitioner trained in multiple modalities of hands-on healing arts.

As a horticulturist since 2007, Sprague has researched many strains of high-CBD and THC cannabis, comparing relative effects on patients. While overseeing survey data collection on the treatment in chronic and terminal diagnoses, Sprague developed and manufactured several natural health products including topical’s, edibles, extracts, and strain specific flower.

Sprague has extensive research in extraction and analytical methodology in Cannabis concentrates. Sprague founded The CO2 Company, one of the largest Co2 extraction companies in Oregon.

After selling her Co2 Company interest she launched Karen Sprague Essentials, a Cannabis consulting firm. Sprague’s current business is dedicated to helping other companies execute their vision in the medical, recreational, hemp industry.

Sprague also grows a hemp farm and continues to help patients.

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